Friday, September 23, 2011

oye with the philosophy reading!

So it's the end of my second week of my second year of university.

So far i'm really enjoying all of my classes with the minor exception that my philosophy classes are chowing down on the textbooks like they are candy.  Really good candy.

It didn't help that my textbooks only just arrived this Wednesday either.

But I'm catching up, and all will be well.

I made the executive decision to drop one Philosophy class.  5 classes (with 3 being philosophy ones) was just too much for me to jump into.  Plus, I am teaching piano 3 nights per week, and I've still been at the restaurant 2-3 times per week as well (as soon as I get more students I can finally quit that annoying job).  So... needless to say I was literally in tears trying to keep up with it all, and envisioned epic failure in the future if I didn't try to take something off my plate.

I'm just going to take a class in the Spring, which I think will actually be nice.  I'll probably be back at the restaurant for the Summer because it has good flexibility and earning potential for my circumstances, so I think it will work out well.

I'm joining the Anthropology club, the Kula Ring, this year.  So that should be fun.  Speaking of anthropology, I'm sad that I have no monkey classes this term.  Good thing I have 2 in the Winter term :)

Something else that is awesome:  I only have 1 registrar-scheduled final exam!  So hopefully it is early in  exam period because then I will get more holiday time!  And... I'm going to see Natalie and the munchkins January 2-7.  Going to buy my ticket by the end of next week.  I'm so excited to see them, and meet Daniel!

More awesomeness:  living close to campus.  I now only have to leave 30 mins before my class starts in order to be 5-10 mins early!  Ahhh.... I'm loving the extra time, not sitting on transit forever, walking, the convenience... everything essentially.  And my classes are all finished so early in the day which is great.  I've been enjoying little afternoon naps between school and work haha.

This weekend I'm going to Edmonton to visit some family.  Can't wait!  It should be a great weekend.

Oooo and I finally painted our front door Tiffany blue!  It looks pretty.  And I got a nice little Fall door decoration/welcome sign/wreath... I don't know what you would call it, but it looks really good.

I'm also getting excited for Thanksgiving (mmmmm turkey, stuffing, and pie!) as well as Halloween (which I have already bought decorations and candy for).  Huzzah for Fall!  At least when the weather gets chilly there are things to look forward to.

Ok, well I'm going to get back to my Philosophy reading now *gulps coffee*

truth be told

I just found out about a very interesting documentary...  The following is straight from their website


TRUTH BE TOLD is a feature length documentary that  explores the lives of several individuals raised in the Jehovah’s Witnesses religion. The title of the film refers to the tendency by Jehovah’s Witnesses to regard their beliefs exclusively as ‘the truth’.
‘The documentary is not an indictment of religion but rather a retrospective. In a series of informal interviews, former Jehovah’s Witnesses discuss life experiences within the organization including the impact the religion had on their childhood and family, schooling, adolescence, and approaches to dating and marriage. The film also explores how being raised in that religion has shaped their  spiritual beliefs and attitudes.’
The trailer:
Truth Be Told - 'FREE' from Smithkraft Productions on Vimeo.

An acquaintance of mine is also working on a film that deals with the jehovah's witness stance on blood. There isn't a website or trailer yet, but there's an article about it...

Oh how I love documentaries.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

so fitting to my life right now

No, I'm not yet in my career and no I do not yet have children... But the principles still apply.

How do you juggle a full schedule and still enjoy life?  What do you sacrifice?  What do you prioritize?

So for all my fellow ladies out there who feel buried under to-do-lists and responsibilities, who lie awake at night thinking of more things that need to be done, and who feel like they are hard pressed to stay showered let alone relax... feast on this new blockbuster coming soon:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BC Trip Pictures

The drive...

Beautiful Kelowna - Tug boat beach

Sailaica and Jules' cool rooftop patio

Mission Hill Winery

Skaha Beach, Penticton

Visiting Gavin's Grandma in Summerland... :)

Some apps I made for us one evening...mmm

Mmmm best chocolate croissant ever came from this little joint.

Sad drive home...