Monday, June 27, 2011

So about that perfect schedule...

I have been ready to pull my hair out lately in regards to my class schedule for year two because every time I would log into my u of c another lecture or tutorial session would be closed.  Dratted late enrolment appointment!  Aaanyways... I managed to finally figure out some decent alternatives keeping to the times I wanted.  I hate having long breaks between classes.  I'd rather just go to school and have back to back classes and go home for lunch.  In the Winter I will have a 2 hour break on MWF, but at least it will mean that I finally get to take the Astronomy class that I've been dying to take.  And then it means I get a nice long lunch with friends, or a work out at the gym on campus, or whatever...

Also... Kirsten and I have been finding some cute apartments in Sunnyside.  Originally I was hoping to be a little more NW than that, but I actually think that its a great location because it's halfway between school and work.  Since I will most likely be working Mon-Fri evenings (teaching piano at a studio, privately, and keeping 2 shifts per week at Joeys) it will be easier if I am not on one extreme end of the city or the other.  I'm getting so excited to move!  As much as I like my current home... I'm anxious to be in a much better location.  It will make life so much easier on so many levels.  Plus... I've decided to redecorate my room.  I haven't done that in years, so I'm excited!  I have lots of ideas and can't wait to start putting them into action.  I will definitely be doing a before and after blog post ;)

So... The actual classes that I will be taking this Fall and Winter as of right now are as follows:

Fall 2011:

Art History 359 - Northern Baroque and Rococo Art

Philosophy 325 - Law and Morality

Philosophy 201 - Mind, Matter, and God

Musical History and Literature 311 - Composers and Musical Cultures

Philosophy 315 - Philosophy in Literature

Winter 2012:

Anthropology 435 - Evolutionary Anthropology

Anthropology 451 - Conservation and Ecology

Archaeology 203 - Intro to Physical Anthropology

Astronomy 209 - The Cosmos

Law and Society 203 - Intro to Legal Knowledge

So that's that.  I might be swapping a couple of classes in the Fall session if someone drops the Religious Experience class, and/or if there is space available in the Psychology class.  Phew what a process!  I was getting so irritated trying to find more and more back up classes.  There is a limit on how many 200 level classes you can take, adding further to the difficulty of finding such back ups.  But it's all done now... thank god!

The sun is shining and I'm on the patio tonight!  Huzzah :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

excited for year two!

So I have been pouring over course outlines and times for the past couple of weeks, and I have finally figured out my schedule for school next year :)  I also wisely looked up all of the professors that I didn't know on so I feel quite confident that it will be a fantastic year.

I thought I'd share the courses I am planning to take because I am very excited about them.  I almost can't wait for September to arrive.  While it's been very nice making money again, I have decided that working is over-rated.  I'm tuckered out from this full time restaurant gig of mine.  Good thing I get a vacation in August at least.  Ok without further ado...

Fall Courses:

Art History 359 - Northern Baroque and Rococo Art (with Bershad who is seriously one of my favourite professors)

Law and Society 201 - Introducton to Legal Studies

Philosophy 201 - Mind, Matter, and God

Religious Studies 309 - Religious Experience

Psychology 205 - Principles of Psychology

Winter Courses:

Anthropology 425 - Primate Cognition

Anthropology 435 - Evolutionary Anthropology (this course sounds super interesting, and it's being taught by the head of the department who is really nice and a great professor...eeeee!)

Anthropology 451 - Conservation and Ecology

Astronomy 209 - Cosmos

Philosophy 259 - Sex, Love, and Death

I. Am. So. Excited!!
I am also looking into doing two study abroad adventures.  I want to do the Primatology Studies in Ghana or Belize for 4-6 weeks in Spring, and also a term abroad in Amsterdam.  I just haven't decided which one to do in which year.  They have to be in my 3rd and 4th years, but I have to figure out how the term abroad would work if I'm teaching piano... Hmmm... Some how, some way...  It's a little scary to think about living in a whole different country across the world for 6 months, but it's also something I've always wanted to do so it's an exciting plan too!

Well I'm off to bed.  I worked a lounge shift this evening until 12 midnight, and now get to open the patio at 9:30am tomorrow...  *sigh*  It's great to be getting better shifts and try out the lounge and patio, but dang... I'm going to need a darn good americano tomorrow morning.

night night.

Monday, June 6, 2011

One Year Anniversary Getaway to Canmore

Yesterday (aka June 5th) was Gavin and mine's one year anniversary.  To celebrate, we headed to Canmore late Saturday afternoon and spent a lovely sunny night and day at Silver Creek Lodge.  It was really nice to get out of the city, especially with the endless construction going on every where.  And to finally have some time together since we have both had crazy schedules as of late.  The weather was great, and we thoroughly enjoyed kicking up our feet and relaxing.  We had a delicious dinner of steak, asparagus, mini bell peppers, and crab along with a tasty Pinot Grigio.  Mmmm....  And we made good use of the amenities such as the hot tub, steam room, and huge bath tub (well I made use of that one at least lol).  And now for some pictures :)

Yes this is for one night... We like to be prepared...

Nice bedroom

A room with a view

Huge bath tub!  It was SO deep!

The living room.  I swear that's an Ikea couch haha

Fireplace :)

Our balcony, with G's bbq :)


Mmm steak and wine

Such a good barbequitionist ;)

Such a nice place!

Hot tubs!

Tasty breakfast :)

A little foot mask pampering

Cool vintage lunch boxes in the Candy Shop