Thursday, August 2, 2012

everybody's got a story - Amanda Marshall

i was singing and dancing to this walking with Harlow while listening to this in the park earlier. after quitting my job. it was beautiful.

it was the best walk ever. 2 hours long with music and harlow. no time limit. just being. just enjoying. i laughed, cried, ran, walked, was angry, happy, mad, sad.... "it was a damn movie!" Gavin remarked with a chuckle. hah!

i have decided that being silly every day is a requirement. i take life too seriously too often. i need to ENJOY it. let go, remember? (i say to myself).

ok yoga tomorrow. must. go. to. sleep.  Florence and The Machine sound sooooo good though too!!! (P.S.)

Peace. Love. Happiness.


Lyrics too, for those in weird countries that ban awesome videos! :-P <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">

alalalalalalala ohhhh ohh yeah

You walk up to me and say
"Feel like I know you baby"
And then take a sip of your cherry coke now
Now who drinks a cherry coke?
Maybe you're nervous, I see that bead of sweat
Dancin' on your cheek
Your words are like cheap champagne
I get the point but it's much too sweet

I'm so tired of the dance
This carousel of superficial conversation
Gets me nowhere...

So you can see my bra underneath my shirt
Watch the wind underneath my skirt
But that ain't the picture it's just a part
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

See my eyes, don't see what I see
Touch my tongue, don't know what tastes good to me
It's the human condition that keeps us apart
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart
Yeah everybody's got a story that could break your heart

lalala lalana nanana nana na naaa

Now who can read the mind
Of the red-headed girl next door (mm)
Or the taxi driver who just dropped you off or the
Or the classmate that you ignore
Don't assume everything on the surface is what you see
'Cause that classmate just lost her mother
And that taxi-driver's got a Ph.D

I'm so tired of the fear that
Weighs us down with wrong assumptions
Of broken hearts and natural function

So you can see my bra underneath my shirt
Watch the wind underneath my skirt
But that ain't the picture it's just a part
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

See my eyes, don't see what I see
Touch my tongue, don't know what tastes good to me
It's the human condition that keeps us apart
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

See my bra underneath my shirt
Watch the wind underneath my skirt
But that ain't the picture it's just a part
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart (your heart)

lalalala lalala ladada da da da

So dig deep (dig deep)
Deeper than the image that you see (dig deep)
Lift the vail and let your true self breathe (dig deep)
And show the world the beauty underneath (she kills this note, haha)

See my bra underneath my shirt
Watch the wind underneath my skirt
But that ain't the picture, it's just a part
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

See my eyes, don't see what I see
Touch my tongue, don't know what tastes good to me
It's the human condition that keeps us apart
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

See my bra underneath my shirt
Watch the wind underneath my skirt
But that ain't the picture, it's just a part
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

See my eyes, don't see what I see
Touch my tongue, don't know what tastes good to me
It's the human condition that keeps us apart
Everybody's got a story that could break your heart

That could break your heart baby
Everybody's got a story, oh yeah
lalala nanana lala nanana
lalala nanana nanana.... 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

i have loved you for a thousand years, and i will love you for a thousand more

This is such a sweet, heart-warming video. I've always wanted to have a wrap around porch with a porch swing...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

it's a guilty pleasure

the books were awesome. I am so damn excited for the last movie! nov 16th! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

another primate I love

You can't help but laugh when you watch this:

They really do love their sex. Seriously; it's so funny. We share 97% DNA with Bonobos (Pan paniscus). We share 99% DNA with Chimpanzees (Pan troglodyte), which is the violent and territorial of the two species in the genus. Hmm... if only we could be more like the Bonobos, and hippies... "make love not war".

Peace, Love, Happiness.


One of my absolute favourite primates: Gibbons

The true "brachiators". I love their furry little faces, and their super long legs and arms :). Plus their obvious talent for literally flying from tree to tree through the jungle.

I have yet to find a good video of them in action in the wild, but here is a little taste of their brachiating talent :) :

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

something that made me smile :)

So cute it made me feel all mushy and swoony.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

can i do this?

So I was watching Modern Family this morning, and in the final moment of the show Phil is having trouble teaching Haley.  So Luke says, “Allow me dad, I’m a great teacher.” Luke then asks Haley, “Who invented the alphabet?” and sprays her repeatedly with the water gun until she comes up with the right answer. He then sits down, opens the book, gives her a tough look, and points the gun at Haley. 


Can I do that with...erm...'difficult' children who make me want to gouge my eyes out with dull spoons?  Seriously.  If kids don't know the difference between the colours black and white by the age of 4-5... I am going to question what the parents are doing wrong.  Or if the child has a learning disability or something.  I have patience, and I have lots of ideas to help these cases...but seriously.  A water gun would be so much more fun.  And would relieve all my pent up frustration!

I really do love kids, I swear.  But sometimes... yikes.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

how can you not love this show?

Still makes me tear up.

I love Fly-Nicki Minaj.  In fact, it's my wake-up song :)

This song makes me want to move.  In a very choreographed manner.  With dry ice in the background.

Such amazing voices!

Did y'all watch that episode yet?? :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

life is too short

There is one big hot-button issue that has been getting under my skin lately.  This nights episode of Glee really personified the issue, which is about society telling people who they can and cannot love. 

How many children/teens/adults have to kill themselves before society stops the hatred?  How many parents have to discover their dead child before society realizes they were in the wrong?  How many grandparents have to outlive their grandchildren before society starts telling people it's ok to be true to themselves, and it's ok to love and marry someone of the same sex?  

You know, it was not so long ago that there was a prevalent attitude among white people that black people were not 'really people' and were destined to be slaves.  Their skin was the wrong colour.  To them [white people] it was plain and simple; their 'god' told them so.

Today there is a shockingly prevalent attitude among people in society that gay people are 'bad', 'sinful', 'not what [insert wrathful god here] wants/intended', 'not natural'..........and are destined to burn in some hell or another.  They loved the wrong gender of human being.  To them [*cough*pigheaded religious bigots*cough*] it was plain and simple; their 'god' told them so.

Yes, you may say I'm being a tad emotional in my words.  But guess what, it's a pretty emotional situation.  

Did you know that:
-Out of the 50 states in the so-called 'FREE' USA, only 6...SIX...have legalized same-sex marriage.  
-Out of roughly 196 countries in the world, only 10...TEN!..have legalized same-sex marriage. 
-A U.S. government study, titled Report of the Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide, published in 1989, found that LGBT youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than other young people.[3] This higher prevalence of suicidal ideation and overall mental health problems among gay teenagers compared to their heterosexual peers has been attributed to Minority Stress.[4][5]"More than 34,000 people die by suicide each year," making it "the third leading cause of death among 15 to 24 year olds with lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth attempting suicide up to four times more than their heterosexual peers."[6] 
(via Wikipedia)

Why do people think that anyone has the right to determine who can and cannot marry or love one another?  

Who determines what is 'right' and 'wrong'?  If you wanna get real philosophical, what does it even mean for something to be 'right' or 'wrong'?

If homosexuality is so 'unnatural' why has it occurred in nature for years?  One example: the Pan paniscus species (Bonobo monkey). 
[We share something like 90% DNA with them too, P.S.]

Do people really think that millions are 'faking' their sexual orientation because they enjoy being persecuted?

Were the Early Christians not persecuted when they 'came out', so to speak?

Wake up, I urge one and all.  Use those brains, whoever or however you got them.

If you want freedom of religion, you need to concede to freedom of marriage.

I just can't understand all the hate and bullying.  I mean, in general I don't understand bullying types of behavior (facebook wall hate, hateful emails, violence, rejection based on arbitrary things, name calling...etc) and I never have.  I'm looking forward to the day that same-sex marriage is legal in every state of the USA, and then in every country of the world.

Be loud and be proud LGBTQ youth!

For more information please check out:

I can't even find episode clips from tonights gleepisode on youtube yet, but I found one song that really moved me.  You really need to see the performance that was on the actual show, so just go watch the whole episode right now.  But here is the song at least, to wet your appetite :)

The episode really lit me up [again].  I want SO BADLY to fight for minority rights.  Whether it be same-sex marriage, endangered primates, women {in many middle eastern countries}...  I just want to be able to make a difference.

This inspired a brilliant idea.  I've always wanted to be able to give $ to charities that I feel strongly about.  I was thinking how cool it would be when I'm a lawyer to donate like 5-10% of my annual salary to 2 charities each year.  It could be a fun project every year, picking the 2 charities.  My [future] kids could get involved in picking a charity and researching what it does, etc... How awesome would that be!

I would also like to be a foster puppy home maybe.  One day...

I really need to find a volunteering option that suits!  You wouldn't believe how tricky it is to find a volunteer organization that: I feel passionate about, has a reasonable time commitment (for my specific schedule which is pretty all over the place, i.e. not just days or nights or weekends), and that I would actually make a difference doing (or feel like I'd make a difference doing).

Maybe I'm being too picky.  I have limited time to give though, and I want to make it count. It's not like I can give $20,000 to the Trevor Foundation or something like a celebrity.  One day I aim to be in a position that enables me to give generously to some awesome charities, but in the meantime... I want to do something!

By this Spring I want to apply to some organizations.

*research and time management plans commence*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Funny gals

As promised, a funny little video of my adorable nieces (and Daniel is in the background a bit lol).  The reason I chose this song was because Isabelle kept wiggling her butt one day and it reminded me of the LMFAO song 'Sexy and I Know It'... there's a part that goes "wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!" and so I was trying to teach the girls that little part of the song (don't worry, I'm not a bad aunty teaching them words like sexy lol).  It was really funny of course.  Those two little gals sure crack me up. 


Love you Eve and Isabelle!

P.S.  I apologize it's not the best quality.  I don't take video often, and it was my first time using iMovie. But I tried! haha.  Then Blogger was loading it into a super crappy version... So I posted it as a private video on youtube so only people I share it with can see it (FYI).

Saturday, January 14, 2012

a new year, a fresh start.

*refreshing breath* I smell a great year ahead.

So (as most of you know) my last term (Fall 2011) was not really an enjoyable one for me.  I think I got into a bit of a "Sophomore slump" as they call it.  Or, perhaps it was just that philosophy sucked.  like a lot.  no, seriously.


Let's just say that I was feeling less than inspired.  I knew I was trying, but I just couldn't muster those passionate feelings for school.  I started to question why I was taking what I was taking, where I wanted to live, where I wanted to work...  I mean, I guess it's pretty normal.  But I did not enjoy it.  I am a very practical, planned, cautious person.  It's not that I don't like spontaneity/the whole 'roll with it' type of attitude 'per se', but it sometimes makes me feel really nervous.  I am a bit of a control freak.  Yup, I said it.  So when I think I've come to a decision about something, but then I start to question and doubt tends to stress me out a bit.  Which brings me to my new years 'resolution' if you will.

Instead of compiling a list of things I should do or do better; such as: working out x amount of times per week, eating healthier/snacking less...blah blah blah...  I need to focus on something much more inner this year.  I need to learn to let go, enjoy life/moments, and try my best but let it go if it's not quite as high as the bar I set.

I've come to the realization that I am never going to be truly happy if I can't truly just let myself enjoy life.  I tend to start out feeling passionate and creative (at the start of a job/school) and then it winds up taking over my life so completely that I feel like all I'm doing is working/teaching piano/going to school/doing something related to school or home life.  In other words, I miss seeing my friends and family now and again.  I miss painting.  I miss reading.

It's not that I'm not enjoying my life or that I totally hated 2011.  But I just wasn't feeling that inspired passion for life.  Know what I mean?

I went to visit my 'sister-friend' Natalie and adorable nieces and nephew the week after new years.  I'm not gonna lie, it really tired me out.  I was super happy to visit them and help out, but man.  It was not what I had envisioned motherhood to be.  Not in bad way.  But it was just a lot busier and more hectic than I ever thought it would be.  Granted, the kids are 3yo, 2yo, and 1yo.  But still.  It takes a LOT of energy to keep kids entertained.  They don't enjoy one activity for all that long.  Think about it.  How long could you really play with play-dough for?  Or paint/draw... You might spend 2-3hours continuously maybe?  Maybe more, but what I'm getting at is: short attention span.  Plus, kids don't talk in perfect sentences.  They point and talk gibberish and then you have to figure out what they are yelling about (lol).  I love those munchkins to pieces, but man... it takes a lot of patience to try and reason with young kids, keep them happy/fed/changed......  I honestly have a new respect for parenthood.  It really is a marvel that the human race has survived.  I want to be a mom one day, and I always have.  But it definitely woke me up a little bit.  It made me really think about the important things in life.  If you have kids, you need to have patience and let little things go.  Learn to accept that the house can't be 100% perfectly clean and organized every single day (etc...).

"Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" can be a daily little reminder maybe.  Or something.  I'm still trying to get organized for the new year...

I wound up catching a cold over the weekend when I got home.  I felt it coming on...planes/weather/kids/cold season... I'm always bound to catch something.  Dratted immune system.  [side note:  apparently Dr. Oz says Elderberry Extract is great to boost the immune system].  So...I wound up being wiped out by the cold this week.  I had to teach piano, and I just couldn't make it to school & piano, so I had to miss basically the whole first week.  I went on Thursday to my monkey classes though, and boy oh boy did it feel great to be discussing something I'm actually interested in and understand!! *huge sigh of relief*

Ah well... they go over the course outlines the first class.  And all 4 of my classes post lecture notes, so hurrah!  I finally feel that 'look forward to classes/learning' feeling again.  Geez... So, I'm not going to beat myself up over it anymore.  It wasn't in my control really.  I wouldn't have gotten anything out of the classes if I had of been there anyways.

I always feel like I have to justify myself to others.  I think it stems from that stupid cult, but anyhow.  I need to learn to love myself for real -- the bad and good.  I always talk about all these positive things, but I think I'm just started to realize what that actually looks/feels like.

I always had all these dreams/fantasies about living in another country.  I always thought I wanted to leave Canada.  I thought maybe Paris.  Maybe San Francisco.  But then I started asking myself why.  I started trying to picture what that would actually look like in reality, and it's not really me after all.

There are some exciting things going on soon & soon-ish:

Gavin and I are moving in together (eek! haha...).

We are going to have a 'creative corner/oasis' where there will be G's drum set, my piano (in June), my easel and paint stuff (some of which I still need to buy).  i can finally play my piano more than like once in a blue moon (because i don't like playing, personally, in either studio really).  and I can finally paint again!  and maybe do encaustic!  we shall see.

i want to grow some flowers and veggies this spring.  and actually *gasp* enjoy the Summer a bit.  I just want to stay home (in calgary) and enjoy the outdoors.  go hiking/biking... not work myself to death for more money that i just spend anyways.

In June we are going to Malibu for a friends wedding, and staying in an awesome house by the beach with friends and I can surf oh my goodness i'm so excited and yes i know this is a very bad run on sentence.

Natalie and Justin are getting married and the kids are going to look so cute!

Jed and Stephanie are Architects in Berlin; working on projects, taking awesome photos, and travelling the world (i live vicariously through steph a little, who wouldn't?).  I want to see them during Eurotrip 2013 at least!

I am going to go study monkeys.  In Ghana I hope.

I am going to apply to Canadian law schools (hopefully)

Eurotrip 2013!

Ok... I know, I day at a time/live in the moment.  It's part of my new years resolution, so i'll stop that now.

But I see this being a great year.  A year where i find some better balance.  a year where hopefully the world finds better balance.

Ok.  I finally feel like i'm starting to catch up on life.  I have been so restless and anxious lately with being sick... I like to be all organized before school (OCD? lol).  But it will all be great.

Good night.  Love you all!

[Note to self:  I must post a video I took of the kids soon!  It's so cute!]

Friday, January 13, 2012