Friday, August 27, 2010

A Course Outline!

Today I discovered the blackboard.  I was getting emails from a teacher; although I did not know it was from a teacher, saying that "the course outline was available".  No other information included. I searched and searched and at last I found the course outline on the blackboard.  Huzzah!  I wish that all my course outlines were available, but I'm sure they will be soon.

Doesn't this course sound fantastic?  I am so excited!

Ancient Peoples and Places


This course surveys world prehistory from the first emergence of humans to the development of ancient states and empires. We begin by looking at the techniques and methods modern archaeology uses to reconstruct the past. We then move chronologically through human prehistory, focusing on the evolution of modern humans, the development of agriculture, and the emergence of social complexity. Topics covered in the course include the Palaeolithic, Neanderthals, the peopling of the New World and Australia, the development of settled life, the Anasazi, the Maya, Ancient Egypt, and the Inca Empire."

My classes are going to go together so well.  Seriously, they will be like puzzle pieces they will fit together so awesome.  And I can't wait to have some interesting discussions with my Dad, who denies that Neanderthals are real, among other things... *rubs hands together in anticipation*  Let the learning begin!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the World Daniel Xavier!

It's been almost one whole week!  I can't wait to meet you <3

Lots of love!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I smell Autumn

Boy time flies.  It's almost September!  Parents are happily going 'back to school' shopping.  Fall fashions are entering the shops.  Soon pumpkin spice lattes will be back at Starbucks, and leaves will be changing their colors.

I am giddy with excitement.  I can't wait to sip my first pumpkin spice latte of the season while walking to class, wearing some cute Fall boots.  Maybe a little something like this...

I've begun to notice a pattern here.  Every Autumn I obsess over the new fashions.  Boots especially.  It seems that as soon as Autumn approaches, I tend to envision myself looking as fashionable as Andrea Sachs while working for Miranda Priestly.  Hmmm.  Well at least I am a frugal student who is being very prudent in the area of money spending.  I plan to go to Europe for Christmas, so I must resist the temptation to purchase a new wardrobe.  I might however buy a few new necessary things to spruce up my wardrobe.  Such as boots.  I bought a pair last Summer for Fall, but they died from all the snow and salt.  Must buy leather ones that resist such things this year!  

Another reason to look forward to September is the Calgary International Film Festival and Doc Soup!  *rubs hands together*  I hope they put out the film schedule soon...I am waiting eagerly.

I discovered the following film on the CIFF website today.  It's a shame that they played it last year not this year because I really want to see this!  I have always thought it would be an amazing experience to be a doctor for MSF.  Insanely intense, but richly rewarding.

Well, I am off to get ready for work again.  I have 10 shifts this week, and I'm working all 7 days.  I also worked Saturday and Sunday, so it will be 9 days in a row!  Phew...going to be a busy week.  But...I should make some good money which will fund the Eurotrip and the little wardrobe sprucing.

Au revoir pour le moment!