Thursday, April 22, 2010

Face Lift

I decided that my blog needed a face lift for Spring.  What do you think?

Speaking of face lifts...has anyone seen the new Heidi Montag?  Good grief.

What was so wrong with her body in the first place?

I understand wanting a slimmer tummy, waist and thighs...but what is with her face revamp?  And her boobs!  Ridiculous.  They are size E or F apparently *shakes head*.  Who wants boobs that big?  According to the mags, Heidi has said that she can no longer go running for exercise (gee I wonder why) and she now feels weird hugging people.  Oh brother.  Maybe think about that before you get gargantuan breasts.

I wonder how much all those procedures cost... enough to feed all the starving kids in Africa?

Her and her husband are such attention whores.

Heidi:  You new nick name is Pamela Anderson-Playboy-Barbie Wanna Be.

Heidi Montag's new anthem (melody of "Wannabe" by Spice Girls):

If you wanna be Heidi Montag, you gotta get plastic surgery
Make it last all day, there's no end to the possibilities
If you wanna be Heidi Montag, you have got to be
Self obsessed and crazy, cause that's 'celebrity'

'Why can't the English teach their children how to speak?'

On a daily basis I laugh at the emails I receive at work.  How does a person get through high school and come out not knowing basic grammar and punctuation?  I mean, in the span of 12 years, I could have a doctorate for goodness sake.  Can you not learn your own language in 12 years?  And does no one read through their emails before hitting the send button?

Here is a good example:

"Attached is my thoughts for the basement.  Let me know with and thoughts or suggestions on my design,"

Correction:  Attached are my thoughts for the basement.  Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions on my design."

I also have people who add extra spaces into their sentences randomly, and use double punctuation (either repeat punctuation like double or triple questions marks, or like below):

"did we lose them. ?"

And of course, typos abound.

"We're  a bit concerned about storage room in the kitchen (panty stuff)."

Hilarity.  Obviously the word pantry was meant, but I still had a good chuckle.  You store panties in your kitchen?  Kinky.

I don't expect people to write perfect, 'Linguistics honor student' emails, but seriously it that difficult to put a teensy bit of effort into the written language?

It seems like ever since letter writing has become virtually extinct, so has proper grammar.

I know Professor Higgins was referring to pronunciation, but I still think it applies.

*flounces off to look up Linguistics classes at U of C*

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ramblings of the Week

I have decided that I need a nice quiet weekend to myself.  I work Saturday and Sunday, so it should work quite well.

I plan to curl up with a good book, and watch a few documentaries.  I still need to finish Food Inc, and I also want to see Sicko, Taxi to the Dark Side, The End of the Line, No Impact Man, Meat the Truth, and Capitalism: A Love Story.  Of course, not all of them this weekend...  I seem to just keep adding to my list though...

I'm also really in the mood for some Planet Earth or something nature-y.  Imax Under the Sea looked pretty good.  Although I'm sure watching it on my TV or lap top would not be near as great as seeing it in the actual Imax theater.

Speaking of the ocean...I miss scuba diving.  And surfing.  And the delightful smell of the sea breeze.  Why do I live in Alberta again?

In other thoughts...I would really like to go to the Farmers Market again one of these days...  I wish they were open Mondays.  Last time I was there I had some extremely tasty perogies.  Yum yum.

And tonight I am making spaghetti!  Mmmm...I have been craving it all week.

Oh and I talked to Clairvoyant Kim on Vibe 98.5 this morning.  Let me just say that it definitely did not convince me to believe in anything paranormal or supernatural.

The end.