Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why is "Chivalry Dead?"

I've been watching some good old "Dr Quinn Medicine Woman" re-runs lately, and it's made me think a lot about the Women's Liberation Movement. This movement was also mentioned in the class at U of C on Tuesday.

I was wondering if perhaps there is a link between women wanting to be established as equal to men, and "chivalry being dead"? Maybe somewhere along the line, in the quest for equality, freedom, and rights for women, men decided that they no longer needed to act chivalrous towards their "equals"? Suppose men got to thinking that if women were now allowed to do things that 'only men were supposed to do', that they were no longer women. Not literally, but that they no longer should be treated with the same mannerisms.

Or perhaps the new independant female attitude has made men feel that women do not want men to act chivalrous any longer? The "I don't need a man" attitude has maybe scared men into thinking that women no longer want to be 'swept off their feet'?

Just something I've been thinking about lately.

As I watch Dr Quinn, I find it so infuriating to see the predominant opinion of a woman's role. Of course, the opinion is that of men. To have hot meals on the table when her husband got home, take care of the children, and keep the house clean. As if she did not have anything better to do with her time, or any other things she wanted to do. A women had no right to vote. A women should not be a doctor, or anything of any importance. A women should not be opinionated....

However, you see a little more chivalry in that time period. Not with all the men, but with many. They took good care of their wives and children, and protected them from harm. They spent months courting their wives, and built them the perfect house before getting married.

It's interesting to compare the differences.

I think that there are still chivalrous men today. I just think that less men find it important or appealing. They don't think it matters anymore.

I think it does. Maybe not every woman will agree with me, but I think quite a few would. I think equality is important also. A guy has to be able to accept (and love) that a woman can be a great student or doctor or carpenter or whatever. But I still think that there should be chilvary. And I still think a relationship should have romance.

Sneaking In Some Classes

On Tuesday, I took the day off work so that I could get my passport application in, and also (more importantly) because I really wanted to sneak into a couple of classes at U of C to see what it was like :)

I love being on campus. I walk around with a smile on my face looking at all the students, and enjoying the pretty Fall trees. Checking out the the various fashion senses, and the great variety of people. I love watching the hustle and bustle, and wandering around.

I met a friend for lunch at MAC Hall, where they have not 1, but 2 Tim Hortons. We had lunch in "The Den" which is a little restaurant/pub in the same area. It was a good time. We talked about interesting classes, and school loans. And just caught up a bit.

And then she walked me to the building where the Anthrology class would be. It was "Intro to Primatology and Human Evolution". I was so excited! And then we saw that they were taking an exam...rats!! So, we found a computer and tried to find another class around the same time so that I wouldn't be waiting around until the next class I wanted to go to started. We finally found one on Latin American History. So off I went, once pointed in the right direction, to find the classroom. Only, I couldn't find it, and no one had a clue where it was. It was supposed to be in the Science A building, room number 142. There was a room 140, and then a large hallway leading into the Science Theatre building, and then rooms 145, 147, and 149 on the other side of the hallway. Across the hall was room 144, but no room 142. I looked up and down the hallways, and asked a bunch of students, but everyone was puzzled (even the teachers). So, I gave up, and decided to make my way to the next class since I had already wasted a good 30 mins looking for mysterious room 142.

I got to the class early; it was really easy to find. The class was "The Nature of Religion", and the concept of Evil was discussed. It was so much fun. I almost raised my hand to answer a question, but then decided I better just listen. It was a very interesting discussion although it was a little hard to hear clearly (especially comments made by timid students). But all in all, it was awesome. They are going to watch the documentary "Shake Hands with the Devil" about the Rwondian genocide next week. I wish I could go back next week, and see it and hear the discussion that ensued. I will still watch the documentary anyways though. I've heard of the book before, and it sounded very good. Not "good" really, but rather a good account of the terrible event.

I just can't wait to go back to school! I can't wait to sit in classes and discuss lots of fascintating things. I can't wait to learn all sorts of new things. I can't wait to meet new people. I can't wait to go home and study even! Ok, I'm sure this won't sound like great fun every night, but still.

I love that being a student will be my top priority. No more working full time all year long, day in and day out. It will be a different kind of work, as I know being a good student requires a lot of effort, but it's so different. It's working towards something you really want and love. I love learning. And I miss school! So, huzzah!

I can apply anytime now, as the applications are open online :D

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Gilmore-ism

Emily: I see you have a Rory.
Lorelai: Excuse me?
Emily: Your drink, it's called a Rory...What's a matter Luke, you don't like your Rory?
Luke: Oh's, it's's a little know.
Emily: Well Rory's a girl. Girls like pink.
Luke: I know. I was just saying...
Emily: No one's asking you to wear it. It's not a skirt.
Luke: I know, I just...
Lorelai: Drink the drink.
Luke takes a sip of the drink.
Emily: Well nice of you two to come. I have some things to check on. We'll catch up later. Excuse me.
Emily leaves.
Luke: Ukhhh. It tasted pink. I mean like really tasted really pink. Like pink pink. Ukhhh. God that's terrible. It's like drinking a My Little Pony.


Gilmore Girls, I heart you.

I was just thinking about some funny lines from this favorite show of mine....Enjoy:

Lorelai: I repeat my question, why should we date?
Max Medina: Because we're clearly attracted to eachother.
Lorelai: I'm attracted to pie. It doesn't mean I feel the need to date pie.

Lorelai: Where did all the anvils go?.......

Lorelai: Wyle E. Coyote used them, that's how common they were.
Emily: Who?
Lorelai: The cartoon. He was always trying to drop an anvil on the road runner's head, or shoot it at him out of a giant slingshot, or fire it at him out of a cannon. Inevitably, the cannon tilted up, shot it in the air, it fell down, and made an anvil shaped impression on Wyle E. Coyote's head.
Emily: This is cartoon?
Lorelai: No, no, this just happened to me the other day, I was walking down the street and this giant anvil...Yes mother, it's a cartoon.

Lorelai: The plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac? That doesn't even sound like English.
Rory: That's because it's French.....

Lorelai: So it the plural for yo yo, yos-yo?

Funny, funny stuff. I might post some more later.

Where do these people come from?

So today I get a totally random call from a "Blocked" number. I hate blocked numbers, but my mom's number is sometimes blocked or private, so I figured I would answer.

Here is how the conversation went:

me: Hello?
random person: Hey, how's it going?
me: Ummm...fine. *Thinking who is this person sounding so excited on a snowy Tuesday?*
random person: Who is this?
me: Jacey. ?? Seriously?
random person: Jacey! How's it going?
me: Who is this?
random person: laughs... It's me! Jacob!
me: Ohhh. *Now really wishing I had not answered the phone.*
Jacob: I was just going through my phone list calling people because I don't want to work
me: Oh *grimace. Who does that?*
Jacob: So how've you been? I don't see you around anymore. Where've you been?
me: Around. I've moved far South.
Jacob: Oh! Where are you living now?
me: McKenzie *dreading the next inevitable question*
Jacob: Oh. So, are you going to McKenzie hall then?
me: That's where I'm assigned.
Jacob: Nice. Do you like it?
me: Sure
Jacob: I know Tina something or other there. We're buds.
me: Cool.
Jacob: So, how's work?
me: Good, I'm at work right now *hint hint*
Jacob: Cool. Are you busy right now?
me: Ya, kind of. I can't really talk at work.
Jacob: Oh ok. Well it was good talking to you. If you wanna kick it sometime let me know.
me: Sure.

End of conversation.

Seriously!?! Who are these people and where do they come from? Who thinks "hey, I should go down my phone list today and call random people I haven't talked to in months (maybe even years). That will cure my boredom. Brilliant plan."?

Here's a tip: Delete people out of your phone book that you haven't talked to in months. That's a much better use of your time when you are bored. Unless you haven't talked to them in a long time because they live far away or something, you probably don't really care about them or have a real relationship with them. Or, you are incapable of meaningful friendships. My bet is on the latter.

These are the types of people you only see if you are into the 'let's party and get drunk' scene. Not my kind of crowd.

Where are all the intelligent, creative, interesting, motivated, real people? I only know a few. I'm thinking that many of them are in University, and I have yet to meet them *crosses fingers*.

I surely hope so.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Fashion

OK, so Calgary doesn't really get a Fall season, but it's my favorite season for fashion. Plus, I love all the colors of the leaves. And the tempture is usually just perfect...not too cold, and not to hot. Perfect for layering and tight wearing :)

One of the biggest fashions this Fall/Winter are over the knee boots. Also known as OTK boots. Below are some pictures of high fashion outfits with OTK boots, along with one of my fave boots of the season (the Chloe boots *drools*). Now, none of these boots would be in my price range. But oh, how I wish some of them were! Or better yet, I wish that high fashion didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Chloe Tied Leather OTK boots
($1295) *eek!*

And now for some OTK boots that normal people could afford....

Aldo boots (ones that I might buy)

From Chinese Laundry

So guess what's on my shopping list this weekend? OTK boots of course. Along with a new winter jacket since it's already bloody cold out here. Damn Calgary. Happy turkey day!


I deleted this post because blogger was not cooperating with me in the slightest. Pictures were inserting wherever they wanted (which they are still doing P.S.), and text was going wherever it felt like going. I wanted to stab the computer over and over again. So, I had to redo the entire thing...posting the pictures only in the center, and working backwards (the last picture in the post had to be posted first...). Stab!

I despise you today blog. Thank goodness I have red wine.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I've always wanted to go to a real Masquerade ball. Ever since seeing them in movies like "Ever After" and "Man in the Iron Mask"... Also, I discovered Venetian masks one year while on a holiday in Vegas. I must have been about 13 years old. My Dad and I were wandering around the Venetian Hotel (dur) and came across a booth of Venetian masks. I wanted to take them all home with me. They were so beautiful! Too bad we lost almost all of the pictures from that trip. Ever since then, it's been a dream of mine (perhaps even a slight obsession?) to attend a Masquerade. If only I could hop in a time machine, and go back to 13th-16th century Venice and attend a real Masquerade ball when they first started *day dreams*. But alas, I am no inventor.

Feast your eyes upon these beauties! How could you not want to wear one? Heck, I would even love to display them in my home.

Venice still has a Carnival every year. It is held about two weeks before Ash Wednesday and ends on Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras), the day before Ash Wednesday. One day, I will go. It looks amazing! Like a dream come true. Check out some of the fantastic costumes from the Carnival of Venice:

*squeal* How amazing would it be to see all of that! Or dress up like that and take a gondola ride and attend a Masquerade ball! would be magical.

The closest I will get to that dream anytime soon though will probably be something like Mascherari. Which would still be really cool. And I already have a mask (it's a court jester). I was going to have a Masquerade grad party, but that didn't happen because a couple people were offended. I'll leave that story at

Now I have "Masquerade! Paper faces on parade... Masquerade! Every face a different shade. Masquerade! There's another mask behind you! Flash of mauve... Splash of puce... Fool and King... Ghoul and goose... Green and black... Queen and priest... Trace of rouge... Face of beast..." stuck in my head. (Phantom of the Opera)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cherry Blossoms at last!

I finally got some cherry blossoms on my painting late last week. Still a fair amount left to do on this, but I think it's looking better and better... I can't wait to get all the blossoms on there. I love cherry blossoms.

Painting is so relaxing. I love listening to music and concentrating on the brush strokes. It's so soothing and peaceful.'s the painting again:

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bloggity Blog Blog

So, I'm not so awesome at the whole keeping up with my blog thing... Mostly because I get inspired to write late at night when I'm falling asleep, and in the morning... it's gone. But I'm going to try harder... I pinkie swear.

I thought I would tell you about a little slice of heaven called the Oolong Tea House. This place is such a peaceful sanctuary.

The staff are all awesome. It's got a hippe, indie, laid back vibe which I dig. And almost everyone in there is some kind of creative.

You go in there, and immediately feel your stress disappear. You can unwind, and just enjoy the moment. Not thinking about number 60 on your "to do" list, but just enjoying the atmosphere and a nice cup of tea. Breathing deeper and easier.

The staff are always happy to chat with you about many interesting their art or music or schooling... Many topics that I find I am unable to have with an average person.

Thursday nights they are open late (until 10) and they have local musicians playing. It's a great place to be on a Thursday night. And much better than whatever Ladies Night the local club is throwing, I assure you. Unless you are all about being in a loud club drinking copious amounts of liqour during the week. But then we are probably not friends.

The only thing that could make Oolong better would be more couches instead of tables and hard wooden chairs. Then if you were on wifi or listening to the local music, you could be more comfy. I'm all about being comfy.

All in all, it's a great place to go. Do it :)