Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Road Rage Rant

I would really like to know why it is that every single year, without fail, all Calgarians collectively forget how to drive (winter appropriately) the second snow starts coming down.

Just because you have winter tires does not mean that you can speed!  There is still ICE on the road, and unfortunately you can still slide on it even with winter tires.  Gee, rocket science this is.  You ever see people try to go ice skating with runners on?  Would you attempt to race your friend across the ice rink wearing runners* if you bet money on it?  I think not.  But here's the thing, when you are driving on a highway with other cars, cement blockades, and ditches, you have the potential to DIE.  Or at the very least get into a pretty bad car crash which in the end means a deductible and insurance rates sky rocketing.  So seriously, in the long run, is it that big of a deal to give yourself an extra 30mins let's say and drive carefully, cautiously, and slowly (or slower)?

*and by runners I don't mean any kind of fancy runners with any kind of grip, I mean normal runners.

It seems we get the two extremes.  The maniacs who think they should be able to go the speed limit no matter what.  And the people who are really nervous and go 20 km/hr.  Now I ask you, why not find a happy medium... like 60km if the roads are really icy?  Yes, I realize that on Deerfoot the speed limit is 100.  But maybe try thinking about the word limit.  A speed limit is the maximum speed for a specific road/area, if the conditions are good.  You can deal with going slow and steady.  It's better than getting into an accident, and if there weren't so many damn accidents, traffic would probably move at a steadier pace.  You are not going anywhere fast in winter on the road, get used to it.  It happens every year for about 6 months.

My other favourite thing about Calgarian drivers is how god damn selfish they are.  People are trying to merge, and instead of realizing that the roads are ICY and that the less people have to try to stop and get going again, the better, they can't possibly slow down for 5 seconds and let someone in.  No, wouldn't want to add another 30 seconds to your trip, best to just drive right on by and not worry about that car crashing into a cement barricade or another car because you were too damn selfish to slow down a tiny little bit to let them in.

Then you have the people who, despite being given a huge gap (possibly the length of 3 whole cars) in order to merge, feel that they are more special than everyone else and need to get as far down the line as possible.  You know who I'm talking about, the ones who drive right to the very end of the merge lane and expect people (who have probably been inching their way through the traffic for a long time) to let them in.  YARG!

Stupid, selfish, crazy people!  They should all be sterilized.

*huge sigh*  Ok back to studying now...

Winter has arrived

Well I did say that I wanted it to snow... and it sure has.  Unfortunately, the roads are pretty icy and crappy, but I guess that comes with the whole frozen precipitation deal.  

I think Winter would be absolutely no big deal if I had a hired driver.  Because really, that's the only part of Winter that people really hate...slipping and sliding on treacherous roads.  Yes, the cold too, but you can easily put on another sweater and sip a yummy gingerbread latte.  It's the roads that cause stress...

"Winter's here, snow is fallin'
And the traffic is crawlin'
The cars up ahead need better tread
Driving in a winter wonderland

Tires slide, drivers panic
Then they steer like they're manic
They jerk left and right and spin out of sight
Drivin' in a winter wonderland"

Despite the crazy roads, which I am trying to avoid like the plague, I am still happy to see snow snow on the ground.  After all, it's not a winter wonderland without snow.  I like white Christmases.

The snow has inspired me to get going on some Christmas projects.  I might listen to Christmas carols later and put up my decorations too.  Once I'm done studying of course.

Stay warm and safe everyone!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Next Weekend! Next Weekend!

I CAN'T WAIT!!!  I plan to see it in the new UltraAVX theatre at Cross Iron Mills on Sunday :)

P.S.  They better not screw this one up *shakes fist*

Let it Snow!

To get into the mood:

I am feeling antsy for Christmas to arrive.  So I started making Christmas lists today and dreamt about the city blanketed with snow... I love when the trees get all frosted and covered with snow... it's so idyllic.

Once we get some snow then it will start to feel like the Christmas season, and I can start putting up my decorations, work on my nephew's stocking, and write Christmas cards while listening to Christmas music :)  It's my favourite favourite season!

I also browsed Lush's website today, and they have all their Christmas products in! *rubs hands together in excitement*  I LOVE their gift boxes, they are so pretty... and of course their contents are also fantastic.  I might have to get a few things this weekend... :)

But this also means that I need some new winter tires... fun times.  Gotta get on that pretty quick.

Well I better get back to my archaeology studying *sigh*.  For anyone considering taking this subject, don't.  Or at least not with the professor that I have... you will fall asleep in class, I swear.

And in conclusion, a little somethin somethin to get into the Christmas spirit:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Best. Feeling. Ever.

So the last week has been full of red bull, late night study sessions, full pots of coffee, sleep deprivation (and mine is not even as bad as others), and a slightly cranky mood building up.  But today I swear little birds were singing in the trees as I walked by...

I finished the second exam of the week this morning (art history), and it was shockingly easy!  I was flabbergasted.  And after that I felt like a huge ton of bricks came rolling off my shoulders.  This week was starting to make me feel discouraged about school, but after finishing that test I felt so refreshed and ready to take on the next ones.

I got to listen to music and enjoy the sunshine on the train ride home!  Then I had a nap that seriously felt like nirvana, and watched a couple of episodes of Damages which made me dream of being a lawyer.  Huzzah!  The plan for this evening is to drink wine and lounge in the bathtub.  Ahhhh... Then back to studying tomorrow in preparation for the next round of tests... I feel like a boxer in training.

It's funny how good it feels to relax after being so wound up with stress.  It's the best feeling ever possibly.

I also got to see one of the 5 million dollar condos at Le Germain today when I stopped by to visit Gavin.  Pretty nice place!  Although I must say that I can't understand why they are worth 5 million...Aside from being in a great location.  They were nice, but the layout wasn't the best ever.  I wonder how much "Heaven on 5th" is worth from Sex and the City (the new york penthouse that Carrie and Big were going to live in).  Hmmm....

Good night all!