Tuesday, October 25, 2011

this term i've learned:

that I suck at life.  and philosophy.  maybe more with philosophy than life.
This terrifies me.  I'm supposed to be the straight A student that gets into the killer law school.  Getting less than 80% in philosophy, which apparently is great for the LSATs and Law School, is making my confidence start to plummet.

at least this made me feel a little better, from "The Top 10 Most Worthless College Majors":

Why It Won’t Help You Get a Job: This isn’t ancient Greece: No one is going to pay you money, or allow you to sodomize their attractive son, in exchange for your knowledge of existence. Never has there been an employer who’s said “Man, we’re having all kinds of problems, I wish we had someone on our team who could reference and draw conclusions from the story of Siddhartha that would pull up our fourth quarter numbers. I took many philosophy classes and it involved reading and smoking a shit pile of weed. You don’t need to pay 20,000 dollars a year to do that. All you need is twenty dollars and a library card.
What Job You’ll End Up With: Thanks to your extensive knowledge of philosophy, you’re now self-aware enough to know that most jobs out there will make you totally miserable. So most likely you’ll wait tables part time and hope someone starts paying you for the bi-monthly entries on your blog.
P.S.  playstation pipe = hilarity.
Well at least it made me laugh.  Better than tears.
Ok back to philosophy now.  Apparently that's all I'm going to be doing until Christmas, and it might not even get me an A.  Great.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adam meets the piano

My nephew Adam is about 6 months old, and the other weekend I introduced him to the piano.  He really seemed to like it.  Little Beethoven in the making! :)

And just because it's so cute:


It's that time of year again...

Harlow loves all the leaves...lots to smell

3 Variations of the same image, but with different lenses on Hipstamatic:




I need to take some pictures of the exterior Halloween decorations as well, but that will be for next weekend :)

Happy Fall everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Go Brian Keating!

I was so pleased to hear that Brian Keating received an Honorary Degree from the University of Calgary.  I had my very first Anthropology class with him, and his passion rubbed off--inspiring me to become a Primatology major, and then get into Environmental/Conservational Law.  There are countless others on who he has had a similar effect.  

So way to go Dr. Keating!  One of the coolest, most passionate, lively, inspiring, and adventurous people I know.  You most definitely deserve it!

Stay tuned for Keating's TV show "Going Wild" which should be airing soon.  I can't seem to find an exact date yet, but it will be on the Discovery channel, last I heard.  I need to ask my Department head if she knows more... will keep you posted :)  

Note: The following is all taken from the U of C's Anthropology Department webpage 

Brian Keating

2011 University of Calgary Honorary Degree Recipient

"Receiving this degree from the University of Calgary is, in my mind, the ultimate form of the highest kind of recognition one could receive for a lifetime of work." – Brian Keating
By Carly Moran
The University of Calgary will confer an honorary degree on Brian Keating, a career-long ambassador for the animal kingdom, on Tuesday during the convocation ceremonies.
Through the sheer force of an engaging personality and an infectious passion for the natural world, Keating has turned thousands of people around the world into conservationists.
Keating channels his efforts, and those of the people he inspires, into significant environmental and conservation initiatives, particularly in North America and Africa. His efforts have resulted in more than $2 million in funding for various conservation initiatives. Brian has also been named an honorary chief for a village near the Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary in Ghana.
“Receiving this degree from the University of Calgary is, in my mind, the ultimate form of the highest kind of recognition one could receive for a lifetime of work,” says Keating.
“Words can't really express adequately how this makes me feel, but humbled and honoured are two emotions that immediately surface.”
The honorary degree is the university’s highest honour, conferred upon individuals who have distinguished themselves from others and who have achieved an exceptional standard of excellence in their chosen field.
From 1981 to 1996, Keating was the Calgary Zoological Society’s curator of education. More recently, he was its head of Conservation Outreach, retiring earlier this year to focus on his media production company, Going Wild.
A longtime guest on CBC Radio’s Homestretch program, Keating has produced and hosted numerous television programs and regularly appears on the Discovery Channel. He is also a sought-after public speaker and the author of a series of children’s books. In addition to his many accomplishments, Keating was the Reader’s Digest 2006 Canadian Hero of the Year.