Monday, March 29, 2010

What a Wonderful Monday

Oh it feels good to have a day off!

Especially when you have a relaxing and yet still productive day.  Here is a list of things I did on my wonderful Monday:

1. Slept in (huzzah!).
2. Called U of C and found out some great news.  The Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication and Culture, and Fine Arts Departments are going to be merged into one Department over the Summer called simply the Arts Department.  This is fantastic because then I will have a good priority on every class I want to take.  I was oh so excited to hear this delightful news.
3. Finally got to talk to my friend Steph who is living in Copenhagen.
4. Got new water glasses at Ikea since I had almost none left.
5. Got some tasty food from Costco and Superstore.
6.  Made a delicious golden flax seed encrusted soy ginger salmon to go with some wild and brown rice.  The golden flax seeds taste like sesame seeds :)  Mmmm yum.
7. Watched the first Anne of Green Gables.

All in all a good day.  And it was even sunny too!  Albeit windy.

Now if I could just get some laundry done that has been piling up, it would almost be the perfect day.

1 comment:

  1. HOY! Sounds fantastic.. I love days like that. I think I am having one of those today. Yes, yes. Purposeful, yet relaxing. And sunny!