Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eco Craze

I'm always interested in things we can all do to help the environment.  One of the things I've been trying to do is switch over to Lush products which are mostly vegan, and which have minimal packaging.  Any packaging they do use is from recycled materials and/or is recyclable.  They have bar soap shampoo (which is amazing by the way), and delicious smelling bar body soaps.  They have bar and powder deodorants, really nice solid facial cleansers, etc.  Even Gavin likes their stuff! :)

I recently heard about a new documentary called "The Clean Bin Project":

You can also check out their blog to check out some of the things they have been doing.

One of the things she mentions is the DivaCup.  Which is very interesting if you are a girl.  It's about $30-40 here in Canada... think of how much money you would save over the course of 20+ years!  I wish that schools would promote products like this to young teen girls so that they knew about better options right from the beginning (which she also mentions in the blog).

There is another one that I've been wanting to see called "Addicted to Plastic".  It is really mind boggling when you realize how many things use plastic, and also that making plastic requires petroleum and natural gas to make.  I've gotta watch this one soon.

One of the things I wish I could do is use biking as my mode of transportation.  I would love not to drive a car ever again, seriously.  I think cars are the hugest waste of money ever.  But alas, in Calgary, there is no way that you would be able to bike (safely and warmly) from one end of the city to another.  It would also take HOURS to get from the South to the North and vice versa.  And unfortunately, our public transit isn't the best either, so there are very few people who would consider being car-less.  I'm hoping that our new mayor Nenshi will actually follow through with his plans to improve public transit.  And perhaps one day I will live in Europe and drive a cute vintage red bike with a basket around :)


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