Monday, December 20, 2010

fall term is officially over!

I had my very last final today from 3:30-5:30pm.  It was in Anthropology, and I finished it in 45 minutes. Let's hope the marks all get posted super fast so I can see how I did, and what my GPA is :)

Who's idea was it to have finals going into the week of Christmas though?  Bad idea I tell you!


I am sad that ANTH 201 is over.  I will treasure that class forever.  If anyone is thinking of taking a class about evolution and primates, I whole heartedly recommend this class, and I will jump up and down in enthusiasm.  That's how much I loved it.

Or if you want to take an awesome adventurous trip, check out civilized adventures because Brian Keating (the teacher for the primate half of my ANTH 201 class) is involved with many of these trips.  He works at the Calgary Zoo also.  Amazing teacher!

So what awesome things did I learn this term, you might wonder... well:

-Hammurabi is, and I quote, "the big dick of Babylon".  He has a stele/column, which happens to be a phallic symbol, and is a code of law that is very specific and wide ranging.

-Vervet monkeys have blue balls, they are literally sky blue to turquoise, and they also have a cherry red penis.

-Bonobos motto would be "make love, not war" as they are very sexually active, way more than needed for simple reproduction.  Even males will rub up on other males, and same with females.  They also have sex in the missionary position which is very unique

-Spider monkeys' clitoris is long and pendulous, and simulates a penis.  It is difficult to sex them

-A mother gorilla will eat the umbilical cord and placenta for a few reasons:  to get a little burst of protein and therefore energy after birth, and to clean up so that predators are less likely to detect a baby is around

-A sad fact:  Male Orangutans will rape females

-Bush babies urine-wash themselves

-Male Proboscis monkeys' noses grow as they get older, and females choose males with bigger noses.  Hmmm

-Another sad fact:  There are only 600-750 Mountain Gorillas left in the world.  These are the ones that Dian Fossey studied

-Chimpanzees share 98% of our DNA!

-Pan Troglodytes (common chimps) are male-bonded rather than female bonded.  Most females avoid each other.  They are also very aggressive when frustrated and if they come upon another community of chimps.  They also hunt, and will exchange meat for sex with females.  Gotta get laid somehow!  And they make and use tools (to catch termites for example)

-Chimps' testicles weigh 1/4 pound!  McDonald's quarter pounder anyone? lol

-Marmosets and Tamarines almost always give birth to twins.  Therefore they have a uni-female/multi-male social organization.  Daddies are very hands on so that mom can get enough food to support the twins.  They are also the only other primate besides us to use assisted midwifery.

-Less than 5% of monkeys have prehensile tails (grasping)

-Orangutans are very cautious brachiators.  They often fall out of trees.  In fact, 70% of their skeletons have long bone fractures

-Abstract art is not devoid of images.  It is based on math and geometric drafting

-The only difference between reality and virtual reality are the consequences

-Egyptians and most hard-core Christians are death-oriented.  Greeks were very life-oriented in contrast

-Much of the "do nots" from Christianity came from the Early Christian persecution in Rome

-The cone is very vulnerable and dramatic ("he's a prick") whereas the cube is dowdy and logical ("he's a square").  The cone is easily broken, and "how would you like to go around without a pricker? Unable to poke anything?" (in the teacher's own words)

-Spiritual ecstasy is the religious equivalent of sexual orgasm

-Persians had the first multi-cultural policy, and used drapery (from the Greeks) to seem more polite and gentile

-The Amarna revolution preferred the endo-ecto typecasting of human figures (very odd body type)

There's more of course, but those are the highlights... As you can tell, I think monkeys are fascinating...  Poor Gavin gets to learn monkey facts daily lol.

So now I get a break from studying, huzzah!  And I get to see my Stephanie, double huzzahs!  And see Rome!  *jumps up and down*

And it's almost my birthday and Christmas!  I love December!

Merry Christmas everybody, and a Happy New Year!

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