Thursday, February 24, 2011

modifications to my 'to do' list

So this being reading week and all, I had grand plans to get ahead of the game and start studying not just for the midterm I have on Monday, but also to start getting through some of the information (text book readings) for the 2 tests I have the 2nd week back, and also to start working on the next GRST essay that will be due at some point in the next few weeks.  I also thought it sounded great to curl up with a good book and get some much needed reading done because my list of books to read (for my own personal satisfaction) is constantly growing and my house will soon be over-run with books quite possibly.

Well... being the emotional weekend/start of the week that it was... So far I have done none of the above.  My brain would not cooperate with me.  I couldn't even enjoy a hot bath, which is very bizarre since I am the queen of baths.  So instead I cleaned my house, did laundry, walked Harlow, bathed Harlow... you get the picture.  Basically everything and anything that would keep me preoccupied without using my brain too strenuously.

So today I'm feeling like it's probably time to start getting my focus back into school again before I have a nervous breakdown that I haven't been school-productive all week.  So today I'm going to start reading some of the many Classical Greek plays that will be on my midterm.

I've decided that most uni students have probably spent reading week relaxing or possibly even on vacation, so if I get most of my to-do list done, I will still be ahead of the game.  I can't really pick an essay topic yet because we haven't discussed any of them yet so my mind draws a big huge blank at which topic to choose.  So I'm going to bench that one for a little bit.

My big focus is the midterm on Monday.  Then if I am able to, I want to do some of the textbook readings for the tests to come.  That's still pretty productive right?

I have all of Fri, Sat, and Sun so I think I can quite a bit done in the end.  Now that I am capable of thinking, eating, and sleeping again, I think things will go a bit better in the concentration department.

Tonight I'm going for sushi and to Yukon Blonde, which I'm really excited for.  Girls night out!

*sips coffee and glares at Theogony*

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