Sunday, February 26, 2012

can i do this?

So I was watching Modern Family this morning, and in the final moment of the show Phil is having trouble teaching Haley.  So Luke says, “Allow me dad, I’m a great teacher.” Luke then asks Haley, “Who invented the alphabet?” and sprays her repeatedly with the water gun until she comes up with the right answer. He then sits down, opens the book, gives her a tough look, and points the gun at Haley. 


Can I do that with...erm...'difficult' children who make me want to gouge my eyes out with dull spoons?  Seriously.  If kids don't know the difference between the colours black and white by the age of 4-5... I am going to question what the parents are doing wrong.  Or if the child has a learning disability or something.  I have patience, and I have lots of ideas to help these cases...but seriously.  A water gun would be so much more fun.  And would relieve all my pent up frustration!

I really do love kids, I swear.  But sometimes... yikes.  

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