Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Indie' how I love thee

A friend of mine is a very talented musician. He wrote a song for an indie film project by Sentinel Films. Check it out on the following link:


What will the world look like hundreds of years from now? When you ask a
question like this it’s unlikely you will get the same answer twice. But one
thing most people agree on is that the world will continue to head in the same
direction that it is heading right now. They paint a picture of technological
advances, medical breakthroughs, and of course, deadly warfare. But what if that
wasn’t the case? From the creators of
Success? comes a
new short film that examines what the world could look like by looking in on a
college class hundreds of years from now as the professor discusses world
history with his students.

This film looks quite interesting. A film about the future that doesn't involve flying cars and MacDonald's cheeseburgers popping out of microwave dinner containers.

The fashions shown remind me of the '90s. Interesting.

Perhaps future society became more like Little House on the Prairie and less like Minority Report. Something to think about.

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