Monday, September 14, 2009

A Weekend at the Box Office

This weekend I saw two movies that I've been wanting to catch...

1. My Sisters Keeper

All I can say is, phew, bring some kleenex with you. This is one touching tear-jerker. I believe I cried (perhaps even sobbed) through the whole thing.

For any who are not familiar...this is the story of a young girl who sues her parents for medical emancipation when she is expected to donate a kidney to her sister (who is dying of leukemia).

It's a very interesting story, and it really made me think...

Was it wrong for the parents to conceive Anna (the child who sues her parents) through in vitro fertilization to be a genetic match donor for Kate (the child who is dying from leukemia)?

This is such a tough one. If you had a child with leukemia, I'm sure you would want to do anything and everything you could to prolong or save their life. It would be a natural instinct. However, having a child for the specific purpose of being donor...? It's not fair to that child. It seems to place more importance upon the sick child than the healthy child. Which, I would venture to say is usually the case, though I would think it would be unintentional.

In the movie, there is a part where Anna's parents are asking her why she is doing this. Her mom is furious. Anna yells "I matter too Mom! I matter too!" and she leaves the room. Water works.

And what about Anna? How would it feel to know that your parents only had you in hopes of saving your older sister? How would it feel to love that sister, and want her to get better, but also want to live your life too?

One of the most touching parts of the movie for me was when Kate meets Taylor. Their relationship was so sweet, and so real. After Kate has chemo, Taylor comes to the hospital. She doesn't want him there understandably, but he knows what it's all about, and he grabs a bucket for her when she pukes. Their relationship is so bittersweet.

Now the ending in the movie is quite different from the book (or so wikipedia tells me). I did like the ending though, and it seemed to fit very well. I won't spoil it, but like I said, you might want to bring some kleenex with you.

2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I saw this one in IMAX which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, only the first 15 minutes were in 3D, but what can you do?

As with all Harry Potter movies, I once again felt cheated.

I understand that they have to keep it within a reasonable time frame, and that means cutting some things out, but what really irks me is when they add things in!

There is no need to add anything into a perfectly good story. Especially when you are already cutting things out! It really gets my goat.

I also get very irritated when they change things. There is no need for it! Harry Potter is a saga. Changing vital things messes up the story, and the interwined clues that lead into the next book/movie.

The other thing is that they changed the music in this movie. It is different from the previous 5. A little more froofy if you ask me. It wasn't terrible, but it seemed out of place.

I'm sure I will like it in a few years, once my mind has forgotten all the little details of the book, but still. I just wish the director would stick to the book. The book has made how many millions? "Harry Potter" is worth billions. I don't think you need to change anything.

I still recommend seeing it though. Books will always be better than movies.


  1. 1. I started reading 'My Sister's Keeper' while on a short weekend camping trip and it was very good. Slash sad. I want to see the movie, maybe I'll rent it this week! Wait. It it rentable yet?

    2. I watched the Dutchess and YOU SHOULD WATCH IT. It's so good.

    3. I want to see Harry Potter! I don't think it's coming here for another decade. Blah.

  2. It might be rentable now... It was in the cheap theatre when I saw it.

    I own the Dutchess lol. It is good, but infuriating. Damn sexist selfish husband.

    Why isn't Harry Potter out in Copenhagen??