Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter Blues

The sun setting at 5:00 is really not helping my energy and motivation.

I find that it makes me extremely lazy and tired.  I can get 7-10 hours of sleep and still not feel refreshed.  I get home from work and just want to lay in bed and watch TV.

It's driving me nuts.  I want to be able to wake up early and go to the gym.  Not feel like sleeping at work.  Get home from work and have the energy to read a book or do something more productive than just always watching TV.  I want to want to get out of bed and moving on the weekends.  Take Harlow for a walk...  Go get some fresh air or do something.

I really don't like Winter.  I love the pretty snow, but I wish it would just come in December and leave by January.  Or I at least wish that the sun was up as much as it is in the Summer.  That would help some.

I already struggle with energy and motivation, so Winter just really does not help.

Time to see the doctor again I suppose.  I have a bunch of vitamins and supplements that are supposed to help,  but even if I eat first, I still feel very nauseous if I take them.


Why can't I control the weather?


  1. Ugh, vitamins. When I lived with Nancy she convinced me to start taking all sorts of supplements and healthy-beneficial type things. I remember that I would take them when I first got up (as most of them had to be on an empty stomach or right before your first meal), and by the time we got to site half an hour later, I'd feel like puking. I only take a multivitamin now. I seriously believe that health food stores sell pills with expired oils in them.

    I think what you lack is the lack of a backyard! Living in an apartment forced me to get up every day when my dog needed to go out, and you wouldn't believe how much it helps just to get you up and going in the morning. I mean, it's not always fun (having to walk Marlowe before leaving to work an OPENING SHIFT at Starbucks, and having to take the bus in -25 to boot...) I'm only saying this to veto the 'I have to go to work' excuse!! *points finger*

    Believe me, one day you'll learn to love it. Kind of.


  2. One multivitamin would be much more simple. I have vitamin d and c, green tea pills, acai berry pills....who knows what else. All kinds of stuff.

    Haha I think you have a good point. I'm trying to get up in the mornings and hit the gym. It gives me some fresh air and excercise which wakes me up. I just have to make myself get out of my warm cozy bed. Must remember to program my coffee machine!

    A puppy would force you to get up lest you have an accident on your carpets though.