Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gallivanting around Van Island

Gosh I love that city.  With it's old buildings, gorgeous trees, cafes on the water, ocean breeze...

Oh how I love old brick buildings.  Especially when they are covered in vines.

Why don't we build with this much character nowadays hmmm?

It was in front of this building that I was interviewed for a University documentary (students attend the Royal Roads University which is right near Hatley Castle...setting for the famous Xmen).  Anyways... they asked me what I thought the difference was between prostitutes and escorts.  I was very excited to be interviewed for a documentary.  Even just a student one that was just going to be shown in the classroom... You all know my love for documentaries...  Ok moving along...

Mom and I in front of a little painters booth set up in the street.

This little cafe has really tasty food, and they are adjacent to what is called The Wall.  It is a concrete 'pathway' for lack of a better term that goes out into the ocean.  It is one of my favorite places.  You can take a leisurely stroll... take in the ocean air, look at the distant mountains, and hope to see a whale.  Yes, I'm a little exuberant about seeing whales in the wild.  NOT at a Sea World I might add.  *glares*

Et voila, here is the wall.  There are some concrete 'steps' on either side of the wall that you can also walk along should you prefer to be closer to the water.  Watch your step though, those rocks ain't all even.

My mom and I off to the side of the wall.

Notice the scuba divers coming in.

Gazing out at sea...dreaming of scuba diving and of how cool it would be to help film something as amazing as Planet Earth (the ocean parts at least)...

I really like this shot. 

Just imagine living there!  I would love to design a home to fit into this gorgeous terrain.  Now if only there was surfing right there too...

These are the Oak Bay Marina seals.  You can buy fish and feed them.

Look at that tummy!

They are such funny creatures to watch.

Moving along... There are deers everywhere on the island!  I like Bambi <3

After we went to a Meaderie and did a free tasting (mmm!)...we discovered 'Sushi on the Sea'.  It is 1980's vessel where about 8 people at a time can have a unique dining experience...'sushi ON the sea'.  So we made a reservation for the next night.

Boy was the sushi tasty!  And it was definitely the most unique restaurant I have been to...been aboard?  Hmmm...anyways... it was de-li-cious.

It was really hard to get good shots due to the lighting... I should have taken pictures earlier in the night...Alas, I did not.  But should you ever take a trip to Sooke... I highly recommend this dining experience.  I forgot to mention that the server, who is an older gentlemen, changes outfits throughout the night.  Each time he brings out a course of sushi he is wearing a different jacket.  The first course he was wearing his captain's jacket.  Then the next two courses he wore two different Japanese jackets.  Pretty awesome.

And now I share with you the Gatsby Mansion.  You shall want to watch the Great Gatsby after, I swear.

It is an historic home built in 1897 from the proceeds of the 'Gold Rush'.  It has since been turned into a hotel, and they serve a public Sunday buffet brunch which we attended.

Wood paneled ceiling of course

Mmm mmm good.

Can't you just picture how the grand house would be all closed off from the kitchens?  With the slaves in the back serving the lady of the house and her friends as they have tea and biscuits in the sitting room?  *crazy*

Well that's most of my pictures.  There will be two more posts to come...  One of our excursion to Salt Spring Island, and one of a rainbow parade and festival!

Until then, please do some sun salutations with me in an attempt to lure it back out!

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