Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kayaking in Victoria

Hooray I am finally catching up with my blog...

I was in Victoria visiting my mom at the beginning of the month, and we went kayaking together for the first time!  It was a great experience.  I love the ocean, and it was so peaceful to paddle through it and take in all the beautiful BC scenery.  It's also quite a workout let me tell you!  

Without further ado, here are some pictures:

We were lucky to get really close to this one seal.  My kayak even touched his rock at one point!

Look at that fatty! lol

At this point I was a little freaked out.  He had been lying on his side the whole time we were around, but then he sort of stood up in a "this is my rock!" dominating gesture.  Whoa...we will leave, we swear!

I should note that we had a guide/teacher with us.  He rode in the double kayak with my Mom.  Just in case we perhaps got too close... we didn't know! 

Some other seals we saw on our expedition.  Notice the adorable little baby on the left.
We also saw a baby raccoon, a deer, and some jelly fish.  Sadly, there are no good pictures of them.  Taking pictures on a kayak is tricky.

Also, my dream of encountering a pod of killer whales while kayaking did not happen either.  Maybe next time!

And thus our first kayaking adventure came to a close.

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