Friday, November 12, 2010

Let it Snow!

To get into the mood:

I am feeling antsy for Christmas to arrive.  So I started making Christmas lists today and dreamt about the city blanketed with snow... I love when the trees get all frosted and covered with snow... it's so idyllic.

Once we get some snow then it will start to feel like the Christmas season, and I can start putting up my decorations, work on my nephew's stocking, and write Christmas cards while listening to Christmas music :)  It's my favourite favourite season!

I also browsed Lush's website today, and they have all their Christmas products in! *rubs hands together in excitement*  I LOVE their gift boxes, they are so pretty... and of course their contents are also fantastic.  I might have to get a few things this weekend... :)

But this also means that I need some new winter tires... fun times.  Gotta get on that pretty quick.

Well I better get back to my archaeology studying *sigh*.  For anyone considering taking this subject, don't.  Or at least not with the professor that I have... you will fall asleep in class, I swear.

And in conclusion, a little somethin somethin to get into the Christmas spirit:

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