Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter has arrived

Well I did say that I wanted it to snow... and it sure has.  Unfortunately, the roads are pretty icy and crappy, but I guess that comes with the whole frozen precipitation deal.  

I think Winter would be absolutely no big deal if I had a hired driver.  Because really, that's the only part of Winter that people really hate...slipping and sliding on treacherous roads.  Yes, the cold too, but you can easily put on another sweater and sip a yummy gingerbread latte.  It's the roads that cause stress...

"Winter's here, snow is fallin'
And the traffic is crawlin'
The cars up ahead need better tread
Driving in a winter wonderland

Tires slide, drivers panic
Then they steer like they're manic
They jerk left and right and spin out of sight
Drivin' in a winter wonderland"

Despite the crazy roads, which I am trying to avoid like the plague, I am still happy to see snow snow on the ground.  After all, it's not a winter wonderland without snow.  I like white Christmases.

The snow has inspired me to get going on some Christmas projects.  I might listen to Christmas carols later and put up my decorations too.  Once I'm done studying of course.

Stay warm and safe everyone!

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