Wednesday, May 4, 2011

such a handsome young fellow

We had a family brunch this past Sunday, and I finally got to meet my new little nephew Adam.  He is so tiny, but has such an expressive face!  I can't wait to see him again <3

Fast asleep on my chest lol

What up aunty?

So precious

Aww :)

No more pictures people!

such a tiny little thing <3

Now if only I could figure out why blogger sucks so bad when posting pictures... These pictures are super clear on my computer, but all grainy on the blog *stab*.  Plus, it never lets me put pictures beside each other even though there is plenty of space... stupid blogger *grumble*


  1. new babies make me want more babies!

  2. Lol. More babies! Dude I don't know how you handle 3 little ones! They sure are cute though :)