Thursday, February 25, 2010

Documentary Love

I have really been enjoying documentaries lately, and I thought I would share what I've been watching lately, and plan to watch.

1.  The Cove (as I already mentioned in a previous post).
2.  Sharkwater
3.  I am Because We Are
4.  Darfur Now
5.  Food Inc.
6.  Taxi to the Dark Side
7.  Valentino: The Last Emperor

I have not seen the last three yet, but I've heard good things.

Also, I watched Disney's "Earth" which I enjoyed.  Harlow was mesmerized with it.  She kept staring at the laptop screen watching the various animals shown.  Funny.

Of course, another great documentary was "Jesus Camp".  Although truly frightening.

And here are a few more documentaries I plan on watching eventually:

1.  My Neighbor, My Killer
2.  Traces of the Trade:  A Story From the Deep North
3.  Born into Brothels
4.  Planet Earth series
5.  Sicko
6.  The Power of Myth
7.  Fast Food Nation
8.  Burma VJ

Hmmm....documentary marathon anyone?


  1. Doc marathon = I am in :)

  2. Sicko is really good! It's really heart-rending though, I was very, very shocked while watching it. And of course, the Planet Earth series is just fabulous! You can come over any time and we'll do documentaries together!

  3. I still haven't seen Food Inc. but Nancy told me it changed her life. And Jed thought it was awesome too. So I think I will rent that next ;)

  4. Kirsten: When and where? :)

    Natalie: Why oh why do you live so far away? I wish I lived in BC. I would love to go to your home and watch docs and see you and the girls.

    Steph: I've seen about half of it, and wow. It's really good. It's up for an Oscar this year along with The Cove.