Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spring, I Want You

I woke up this morning to find my car buried in snow.  I know, I know, it's February and I live in Alberta.  No big surprise or anything.

I just really, really want it to be Spring.  I want to be able to sit outside and enjoy fresh air and sunshine.  I want to grow flowers.  I want to read outside.  I want to wear Spring dresses.

I'm not a huge fan of shoveling off my car, slipping on ice, and being cold.  Nor am I a fan of all the muck that snow creates when it melts.  My car is so dirty, and every time I'm ready to clean it it's either too cold or too mucky out and therefore pointless.  

I try to be a Canadian trooper of the Winter season, but I get sick of Winter really fast.  Basically, I'm good with Winter until January rolls around.  I like the pretty snow until Christmas and New Years are over.  Then I basically pine for Spring and Summer.

Plus, last night I suddenly developed a swollen painful gland near my left ear.  And I'm not impressed.  Off to the doctor I go tonight.

Snow:  you are pretty, but can you please go away soon?  


Annoying Canadian Winter Complainer

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