Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pescetarian? Vegetarian? Vegan?

I think The Venus Project stimulated the activist inside of me.  I have been thinking about transitioning into a vegan lifestyle.

I think I could cut out beef and poultry quite easily.  There are plenty of vegan substitutes on the market that are supposed to taste just as good.  Even cutting out eggs and dairy would be ok with me.  I already drink soy milk.  So it would really just be a matter of eliminating eggs, egg whites and cows milk cheese and yogurt.  And again, there are all kinds of vegan alternatives.  Tofu omelettes taste just like egg omelettes, and there are plenty of options for non cows milk cheese and yogurt.

I think the biggest deterrent for me is not eating fish.  I LOVE sushi.  I don't think I could give sushi up.

Also, you would have to be so careful what you ate, wore, etc.  Being a vegan is not only about diet, but an entire lifestyle.  Vegans abstain from all animal products.  They will not eat honey, take bee pollen, wear leather or wool...etc.  I  applaud them for this, but it sounds like so much work.  Not to sound like a lazy person, but think about it.  If you go to Starbucks, you can't have a lemon cranberry scone.  If you go to your family's home for dinner, what could you eat?  If you go shopping for new clothes, what can you buy?  They are also against animal testing, of course.  You would have to research all the little things so thoroughly.  Was the product tested on animals?  Are there any hidden animal products (such as Jello which is derived from the collagen in animals skins and bones)?  It would require shopping at specialty stores for simple things like bread.  It could possibly increase your spending.  Hmmmm.

I would also feel bad about having meals at family and friends' homes.  I feel like it would be such an imposition on them, to know exactly what you can and cannot eat.

So, I think I might try out pescetarianism.  It will have to wait until the chicken in my freezer is used up lol.  But I think it might be worth a try.  

Perhaps Veganism will follow it, or perhaps not.  


  1. Just remember to carry around a sustainable seafood card so you don't eat the wrong kind of fish!

    Jed swears by it. Here's a link to the one for Canada.

    You can get a lot of good sustainable fish at superstore/extra foods. Or whatever they're calling themselves these days.

    Jed says to be extra careful with sushi, as a lot of restaurants use farmed pacific salmon and other bad things.

  2. That's an awesome card! Thanks :) And I'm glad Superstore has good sources of fish because that is where I generally shop. I think the salmon I get at Costco is good too, as I believe it is Pacific salmon. I'll have to check though.

    Salmon sushi is my favorite. I'll have to ask a few restaurants where they get their salmon from, along with their other fish sources.

    Did Jed find it hard transitioning into pescetarianism?

  3. I sent you an email about 'The Cove'. YOU MUST WATCH!!!!!