Monday, June 13, 2011

excited for year two!

So I have been pouring over course outlines and times for the past couple of weeks, and I have finally figured out my schedule for school next year :)  I also wisely looked up all of the professors that I didn't know on so I feel quite confident that it will be a fantastic year.

I thought I'd share the courses I am planning to take because I am very excited about them.  I almost can't wait for September to arrive.  While it's been very nice making money again, I have decided that working is over-rated.  I'm tuckered out from this full time restaurant gig of mine.  Good thing I get a vacation in August at least.  Ok without further ado...

Fall Courses:

Art History 359 - Northern Baroque and Rococo Art (with Bershad who is seriously one of my favourite professors)

Law and Society 201 - Introducton to Legal Studies

Philosophy 201 - Mind, Matter, and God

Religious Studies 309 - Religious Experience

Psychology 205 - Principles of Psychology

Winter Courses:

Anthropology 425 - Primate Cognition

Anthropology 435 - Evolutionary Anthropology (this course sounds super interesting, and it's being taught by the head of the department who is really nice and a great professor...eeeee!)

Anthropology 451 - Conservation and Ecology

Astronomy 209 - Cosmos

Philosophy 259 - Sex, Love, and Death

I. Am. So. Excited!!
I am also looking into doing two study abroad adventures.  I want to do the Primatology Studies in Ghana or Belize for 4-6 weeks in Spring, and also a term abroad in Amsterdam.  I just haven't decided which one to do in which year.  They have to be in my 3rd and 4th years, but I have to figure out how the term abroad would work if I'm teaching piano... Hmmm... Some how, some way...  It's a little scary to think about living in a whole different country across the world for 6 months, but it's also something I've always wanted to do so it's an exciting plan too!

Well I'm off to bed.  I worked a lounge shift this evening until 12 midnight, and now get to open the patio at 9:30am tomorrow...  *sigh*  It's great to be getting better shifts and try out the lounge and patio, but dang... I'm going to need a darn good americano tomorrow morning.

night night.

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