Monday, June 6, 2011

One Year Anniversary Getaway to Canmore

Yesterday (aka June 5th) was Gavin and mine's one year anniversary.  To celebrate, we headed to Canmore late Saturday afternoon and spent a lovely sunny night and day at Silver Creek Lodge.  It was really nice to get out of the city, especially with the endless construction going on every where.  And to finally have some time together since we have both had crazy schedules as of late.  The weather was great, and we thoroughly enjoyed kicking up our feet and relaxing.  We had a delicious dinner of steak, asparagus, mini bell peppers, and crab along with a tasty Pinot Grigio.  Mmmm....  And we made good use of the amenities such as the hot tub, steam room, and huge bath tub (well I made use of that one at least lol).  And now for some pictures :)

Yes this is for one night... We like to be prepared...

Nice bedroom

A room with a view

Huge bath tub!  It was SO deep!

The living room.  I swear that's an Ikea couch haha

Fireplace :)

Our balcony, with G's bbq :)


Mmm steak and wine

Such a good barbequitionist ;)

Such a nice place!

Hot tubs!

Tasty breakfast :)

A little foot mask pampering

Cool vintage lunch boxes in the Candy Shop

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