Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where do these people come from?

So today I get a totally random call from a "Blocked" number. I hate blocked numbers, but my mom's number is sometimes blocked or private, so I figured I would answer.

Here is how the conversation went:

me: Hello?
random person: Hey, how's it going?
me: Ummm...fine. *Thinking who is this person sounding so excited on a snowy Tuesday?*
random person: Who is this?
me: Jacey. ?? Seriously?
random person: Jacey! How's it going?
me: Who is this?
random person: laughs... It's me! Jacob!
me: Ohhh. *Now really wishing I had not answered the phone.*
Jacob: I was just going through my phone list calling people because I don't want to work
me: Oh *grimace. Who does that?*
Jacob: So how've you been? I don't see you around anymore. Where've you been?
me: Around. I've moved far South.
Jacob: Oh! Where are you living now?
me: McKenzie *dreading the next inevitable question*
Jacob: Oh. So, are you going to McKenzie hall then?
me: That's where I'm assigned.
Jacob: Nice. Do you like it?
me: Sure
Jacob: I know Tina something or other there. We're buds.
me: Cool.
Jacob: So, how's work?
me: Good, I'm at work right now *hint hint*
Jacob: Cool. Are you busy right now?
me: Ya, kind of. I can't really talk at work.
Jacob: Oh ok. Well it was good talking to you. If you wanna kick it sometime let me know.
me: Sure.

End of conversation.

Seriously!?! Who are these people and where do they come from? Who thinks "hey, I should go down my phone list today and call random people I haven't talked to in months (maybe even years). That will cure my boredom. Brilliant plan."?

Here's a tip: Delete people out of your phone book that you haven't talked to in months. That's a much better use of your time when you are bored. Unless you haven't talked to them in a long time because they live far away or something, you probably don't really care about them or have a real relationship with them. Or, you are incapable of meaningful friendships. My bet is on the latter.

These are the types of people you only see if you are into the 'let's party and get drunk' scene. Not my kind of crowd.

Where are all the intelligent, creative, interesting, motivated, real people? I only know a few. I'm thinking that many of them are in University, and I have yet to meet them *crosses fingers*.

I surely hope so.

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