Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sneaking In Some Classes

On Tuesday, I took the day off work so that I could get my passport application in, and also (more importantly) because I really wanted to sneak into a couple of classes at U of C to see what it was like :)

I love being on campus. I walk around with a smile on my face looking at all the students, and enjoying the pretty Fall trees. Checking out the the various fashion senses, and the great variety of people. I love watching the hustle and bustle, and wandering around.

I met a friend for lunch at MAC Hall, where they have not 1, but 2 Tim Hortons. We had lunch in "The Den" which is a little restaurant/pub in the same area. It was a good time. We talked about interesting classes, and school loans. And just caught up a bit.

And then she walked me to the building where the Anthrology class would be. It was "Intro to Primatology and Human Evolution". I was so excited! And then we saw that they were taking an exam...rats!! So, we found a computer and tried to find another class around the same time so that I wouldn't be waiting around until the next class I wanted to go to started. We finally found one on Latin American History. So off I went, once pointed in the right direction, to find the classroom. Only, I couldn't find it, and no one had a clue where it was. It was supposed to be in the Science A building, room number 142. There was a room 140, and then a large hallway leading into the Science Theatre building, and then rooms 145, 147, and 149 on the other side of the hallway. Across the hall was room 144, but no room 142. I looked up and down the hallways, and asked a bunch of students, but everyone was puzzled (even the teachers). So, I gave up, and decided to make my way to the next class since I had already wasted a good 30 mins looking for mysterious room 142.

I got to the class early; it was really easy to find. The class was "The Nature of Religion", and the concept of Evil was discussed. It was so much fun. I almost raised my hand to answer a question, but then decided I better just listen. It was a very interesting discussion although it was a little hard to hear clearly (especially comments made by timid students). But all in all, it was awesome. They are going to watch the documentary "Shake Hands with the Devil" about the Rwondian genocide next week. I wish I could go back next week, and see it and hear the discussion that ensued. I will still watch the documentary anyways though. I've heard of the book before, and it sounded very good. Not "good" really, but rather a good account of the terrible event.

I just can't wait to go back to school! I can't wait to sit in classes and discuss lots of fascintating things. I can't wait to learn all sorts of new things. I can't wait to meet new people. I can't wait to go home and study even! Ok, I'm sure this won't sound like great fun every night, but still.

I love that being a student will be my top priority. No more working full time all year long, day in and day out. It will be a different kind of work, as I know being a good student requires a lot of effort, but it's so different. It's working towards something you really want and love. I love learning. And I miss school! So, huzzah!

I can apply anytime now, as the applications are open online :D

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