Friday, October 9, 2009

Fall Fashion

OK, so Calgary doesn't really get a Fall season, but it's my favorite season for fashion. Plus, I love all the colors of the leaves. And the tempture is usually just perfect...not too cold, and not to hot. Perfect for layering and tight wearing :)

One of the biggest fashions this Fall/Winter are over the knee boots. Also known as OTK boots. Below are some pictures of high fashion outfits with OTK boots, along with one of my fave boots of the season (the Chloe boots *drools*). Now, none of these boots would be in my price range. But oh, how I wish some of them were! Or better yet, I wish that high fashion didn't cost an arm and a leg.

Chloe Tied Leather OTK boots
($1295) *eek!*

And now for some OTK boots that normal people could afford....

Aldo boots (ones that I might buy)

From Chinese Laundry

So guess what's on my shopping list this weekend? OTK boots of course. Along with a new winter jacket since it's already bloody cold out here. Damn Calgary. Happy turkey day!

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  1. You could have boots and imitate European fashion...


    You could come to Europe, sans boots.

    Hmm... ?