Friday, October 9, 2009


I deleted this post because blogger was not cooperating with me in the slightest. Pictures were inserting wherever they wanted (which they are still doing P.S.), and text was going wherever it felt like going. I wanted to stab the computer over and over again. So, I had to redo the entire thing...posting the pictures only in the center, and working backwards (the last picture in the post had to be posted first...). Stab!

I despise you today blog. Thank goodness I have red wine.


  1. I know, it's been a trial to get anything to post without weird and disturbing spacing issues. Blah times 2!

  2. Also, can you explain to me what is the difference between footless tights and leggings? As per your wicked tights link? *confused*!

  3. I think Blogger should fix this issue very soon.

    Footless tights are basically nylons without feet. So, they have cool patterns and stuff. Although, you would need to wear warm socks and boots here to make that look work without totally freezing your butt off.

    Leggings are the thicker footless tights basically. The ones you normally wear with the longer shirt and layers... Gotta love the layers :)

    How's Copenhagen fashion? What's "in" for Fall? Aka will be "in" here in another year or two lol.